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About Us

Be's Empower H.E.R. was founded in 2015 by India Roberts. After the passing of her mother, she decided to work in her mother's name to help women entrepreneurs grow as individuals. The name Be's Empower H.E.R. stands for the women in Ms. Roberts' life, her mother Bobby Elaine, and her daughters Hazel Elaine Roberts and Hannah Elizabeth Roberts.

Our passion is to uplift, educate and empower women as they go through different stages of their lives. As a result of our movement, we will see women transform their quality of life, economic status, and provide spiritual growth. Our vision is to help everyone realize that women can do and have it all despite the different hats they have to wear.

"There is no limit to what we, as women,

can accomplish." - Michelle Obama

Our Mission

Our mission is to stimulate growth and development within the community by strengthening business owners, inspiring individuals, and building better financially independent, strong entrepreneurs globally.

Our Mission

Our Vision

 Our vision is to Help Everyone Realize that women can do and have it all! We hope that every attendee can realize their worth and feel empowered.

We Appreciate Your Support!

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